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Description: Check valves are used to prevent flow of fluid (gas or liquid) in one direction and allow flow in the other direction.

We accomplish this by using a spring to push an elastomer seal (poppet) against a molded polymer seat. The seat and surrounding material is precision injection molded polymer and the three parts (poppet, spring, and surrounding polymer) comprise the check valve itself. We call this the C.V. module. The end fittings, whether barbed or threaded, are ultrasonically welded to the C.V. Module and form a hermetic seal.
These check valves are rated for use up to 100 psi and are normally used at lower pressures and low flows. All valves are leak tested during assembly against the flow direction (the check side).
We use BASF Ultraform®, an Acetal co-polymer as our standard resin because of its strength and chemical resistance. The poppet is made of Santoprene® from Advanced Elastomer Systems, and has a similar chemical resistance to EPDM. Other polymers and elastomers are available; please call us if your process requires a different material.

Description: Relief valves are used to hold a fluid circuit or reservoir at a positive or negative pressure.

We offer spring pressures designed to open (crack) our valves from 2” H2O to to 40 psi. A characteristic of spring-operated valves is a re-seal pressure of 20-50% less than the cracking (opening) pressure. Spring winders typically hold tolerances of± 20%, so there is a window of operation to consider during design phase. We can select valves that fall into a specific cracking pressure range if needed. Please ask us to quote your requirements. We want the opportunity to help you solve your flow control applications and we can build special configurations to meet your design requirements.


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