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The Microchek valve is a cartridge check valve incorporating an innovative guided poppet design. This valve is the heart of our system and may be used alone or as the central component of the system.  The Microchek system incorporates this cartridge and a wide selection of end pieces to accommodate most connection requirements.  The system is available in a variety of polymers and elastomers to ensure compatibility with most liquids and gases.

The Microchek valve has a low pressure drop and can be specified with a wide variety of cracking pressures.

Some of the unique features are:
  • Positive sealing
  • Low inertia (fast acting)
  • Cracking pressures from 2” H2O to 40 psi
  • Designed for use with vacuum through 100 psi working pressure
  • Standard 316 SS spring with other materials available (ie: Hastalloy®, titanium)
  • Temperature use range from sub zero to 250º, depending on resins used.
  • We offer competitive pricing and reliability because we are the manufacture. Parts are molded and assembled in the U.S.

    Microchek's innovative designs use a minimum number of parts to assure reliability through simplicity. The main sealing element is an injection molded elastomer poppet that is held against a molded seat by a spring. The seat and poppet are washed by the contact fluid each time the valve opens. This makes the valve tolerant to contaminated media.


    The Microchek valve incorporates our innovative check valve module with ultrasonically welded end pieces (hose barb or threaded end fittings on either end of the valve). The available end fittings will meet most requirements. If your design requires a unique configuration, we will be pleased to quote your needs.

    Our staff is available to advise you on your applications. Please ask for a FREE sample that meets your needs.

    Contact us about your application requirements.
    1-800-780-0008 Or fax us at 1-800-622-0002. Email at sales@microchek.com

    922 Industrial Way • Unit K • Lodi, CA 95240 1-800-780-0008

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